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Our dedicated team is your personal concierge, providing you in-depth information on the aircraft and crew, as well as a wide variety of catering and entertainment options. Our offices are strategically located worldwide to provide you true 24/7 service. This enables us to offer fast, competitively priced quotations and immediate trip support for any ongoing or upcoming flights.

With aircraft and crew bases in both the northeastern and the southeastern United States, we are always ready to launch at a moment’s notice. Unlike some other carriers, Journey has operation specifications to fly anywhere in the world, including Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South America.

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Domestic Charters:

For private jet charter flights within the continental United States, Journey Aviation provides on-demand service 24/7, with as little as one hour's notice to over 5,000 airports globally - based on aircraft positioning and availability. Our 24/7 Client Services Team is always available to assist with your immediate charter quotes, travel planning and flight support needs. That means you can get a quote in the middle of the night, instead of talking to an answering service.

International Charters:

Whether you require a Gulfstream jet to fly from Dubai to Paris or from London to New York, Journey Aviation is uniquely qualified to deliver the right charter jet and services to support your mission. With comprehensive worldwide operating authority and a fleet of modern Gulfstream jets, Journey Aviation is a global leader in international private jet charter.

Unlike many other charter companies, we have operational certification to fly to almost any country in the world. We have extensive experience operating in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America.

What's more, we have local contacts around the globe who can accommodate client requests and source aircraft parts quickly, when required - even in remote locales. Journey Aviation ensures you'll never be subject to circumstances while abroad.

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