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At Journey Aviation, we believe safety is paramount. We have created a strong safety culture driven by the industry’s best practices and have been awarded by the leading Auditing firms. Wyvern Ltd. has granted the Wingman Operator certification and Aviation research group has awarded the ARGUS Platinum rating.

Journey Aviation, LLC has demonstrated a commitment to aviation safety and meets the stringent operational, maintenance and crew training requirements established by Wyvern, ARGUS and ISBAO. These industry-leading safety standards far exceeds the minimum regulatory requirements for air charter and were developed by Wyvern and ARGUS in cooperation with the industry’s largest flight departments and charter buyers.

Journey Aviation, LLC provides the audit firms with current company details, insurance, aircraft and pilot data so that its clients may request a safety check report to verify that the operator, aircraft and crew for a given trip meet the requirements of The Wingman Standard. ARGUS platinum and ISBAO.

Our internal Director of Safety manages the Safety Management System (SMS). This program provides a ‘go-to’ source of information that assists in achieving our safety policies. Journey Aviation also works with 3rd party agencies such as Wyvern, to achieve an additional check and balance system.

Our state-of-the-art aircraft are strictly maintained to the highest standards by certified professionals. In order to ensure the proficiency of its pilots, Journey Aviation uses a combination of simulator, aircraft and ground-based training.

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